Packaging Automation Ltd

Packaging Automation Ltd

What the client needed:

Our client was responsible for the production line producing Goats Yoghurt for its customer, St Helens Farm, a successful dairy which supplies fresh goats’ milk products to supermarkets across the country on a daily basis.

The system involved the production of 125ml pots of yoghurt with fruit puree, and 450ml pots of just yoghurt, but the client was in need of greater speed and accuracy when it came to pots being filled on the production line.

What we did:

Rather than looking at the usual systems used for these kinds of processes, our team at Apple Food Systems sought to provide a bespoke solution, something we did by designing and building a system of pumps – rather than the typical method of using volumetric depositors.

The outcome:

The system of pumps designed and manufactured by our team controls both the speed and accuracy of the depositing of fruit puree and yoghurt shots for both required sizes, helping the customer increase production from between 40 and 60 usable pots a minute to at least 70.

The system was also ‘Clean In Place’ (CIP) designed to ensure less downtime between the production of different product flavours.

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What our clients are saying:

  • “I would without hesitation, recommend Apple Food Systems to anyone who is looking for high quality depositors, transfer pumps, bespoke equipment or accessories for existing equipment that is not necessarily made by Apple as they have made for us.”

    Mark Scholey, Group Operations Manager Savoury - David Wood Foods

  • “The machine supplied to us by Apple Food Systems was built to a very high standard and works tirelessly every day without any hitches. The cleaning of the machine is also effortless and makes for a high standard product easily achievable.”

    Rob Normington
, Manufacturing Manager - JDM Food Group

  • “Apple have helped us in developing various projects allowing us to meet the requirements of our customers. The help and response has always been prompt and has allowed us to fast track new projects on, at times, extremely tight schedules.”

    Operations Manager

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