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Apple Food Systems manufacture a wide range of custom built stainless steel conveyors including slat band, (stainless steel or plastic), poly-cord, wire-mesh, roller chain and food grade flat belt (self-tracking), continuously running or indexing to suit customers' individual requirements.

All Apple Food Systems conveyors are manufactured to the same high standards throughout the Apple range, and are compatible with all present day product handling systems and may be used in operation as stand-alone or as part of an automated production line.

The indexing pitch required is simply programmed into the operator interface panel built into the main control panel. Once each tray configuration is programmed, the program is then saved into the menu selection screen within the operator panel for future use.

The tray indexing track can provide an indexing rate of up to 30 indexes per minute which, if processing a six across tray configuration creates an impressive 180 products per minute. The design of the machine, with 12 gauge stainless steel folded “C” section side plates, and integral guarding of the drive belt, provides the highest safety standards and maximum accessibility for hygiene requirements.

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We were consulted by a long standing customer on how to improve throughput as they were in possession of up to 20 of our depositors which were all 20 years old.

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